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Professional singing lessons in the

Brighton area.

  • One-to-one tuition.

  • Beginners to a professional level

  • Children and Adults

  • Fun and relaxed lessons.

  • Develop a healthy vocal technique.

  • Master the songs you love.

  • Improve your performance skills.

  • Build your confidence.

  • Develop musicianship skills.

  • Become a great soloist, backing or ensemble singer.

  • Prepare for exams, festivals and performances.

  • Studio or online lessons.

  • Pop . Jazz . Rock . Folk . Musicals . Classical . EDM

singing lessons brighton

Lin Bridgeford 

"I feel blessed to have lessons with Rachel and always come away feeling inspired and uplifted. She is a gifted teacher with the ability to effortlessly bring out the best in everyone with her energy as well as amazing technique. I highly recommend everyone interested in singing to experience the joy of lessons with Rachel. Thank you so much" .

singing teacher brighton

Robin Romei 

"Despite working in the music industry for several years I felt I needed assistance improving my vocal technique. I was incredibly impressed by Rachel's approach to teaching. I enjoyed the challenge and felt there was a clear approach that worked, catering both for modern and classical techniques. There was a also a strong bias on improving the musical ear which I feel is very important, and often overlooked by some tutors. I found Rachel a natural teacher, fun but with a strong ambition to help you improve as a student. I found my understanding and technique improved significantly and I would recommend her as a teacher to anyone serious about improving vocally."

singing lessons deans

Margaret Betts

Rachel is definitely the best singing teacher and group leader that I have known. She is very enthusiastic and makes our sessions truly joyful. Also, it is a real privilege to be taught be someone with such a depth and such range of knowledge of music. I have learnt so much about songs and singers as well as improving my own singing.

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