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Rachel de Cock - Music Page
Various recordings and media, featuring vocals, arrangements, songs and productions
by Rachel de Cock & Every Inch a Gentleman.

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LIFEDREAM - A Mini Opera written and performed by Rachel de Cock

LIFEDREAM - A Mini Opera written and performed by Rachel de Cock

LIFEDREAM A Mini Opera for String Orchestra, Female Voice and Electronics, by Rachel de Cock (aka Harley Tuca). Written for English National Opera. RACHEL DE COCK : Music, Production, Programming, Vocals, Violas and Script Adaptation Mixed by Jay de Cock. Original script by Anna Starkey. Inspired by the short story, 'The Sweeper of Dreams' by Neil Gaiman. CHARACTERS Dream Sweeper : Soprano Sam(Samantha) : Pop Soprano The LifeDream TV Presenter : Spoken voice The Dreamers/Contestants: Female Chorus The Man in Sams Dreams: Voiceless SYNOPSIS LifeDream is set in disturbing and surreal future where the male population have died out due to an Alien chemical warfare drug, leaving behind only women. Although most of the population grieve for their men and desperately want them back, some of the women in positions of power have got very comfortable in their new governmental jobs, and fear the possibility of men ever returning, especially as advancements in technology have meant that dreams can now be turned in to a reality. In an effort to keep control, The Government employ Dream Sweepers to collect peoples dreams. Once the dreams are collected, certain ones are disposed of, and the rest are shown on a reality TV show called LifeDream, where people have an opportunity of wining the prize of their dreams coming true. The problem is that not all the dreams are happy ones, and the future of reality entertainment has become a sadistic and horrific one. In this story a Dream Sweeper falls in love with the dreams of a women called Sam. It is illegal for her to view these dreams as it distracts her from the job, but she has become obsessed with the purity and simplicity of Sam's dreams, which are rare qualities in modern times. Sam regularly dreams of a man she is in love with, and of gazing at the stars, a far cry from her abusive childhood. Unexpectedly one night, Sam dreams of smashing her TV and causing the downfall of LifeDream and the government mind control. Due to the Dream Sweepers distraction, Sam's dream suddenly becomes a reality, everyone gradually starts to open their eyes, and the Dreamsweeper finally gets to see in to Sams eyes. The Dream Sweeper despairs as she watches Sam leave her gaze for the arms of the man from her dreams. Everyone questions whether they are awake, or still dreaming. For more information, please visit : and © 2012 Rachel de Cock
Under Your Spell (Rachel de Cock live @ Brighton Fringe Festival 2018)