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Online Singing Lessons - V - Private Lessons

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Which is the best way to learn to sing?

The pandemic of 2020 forced many of us music teachers to take our work online. So, are online singing lessons any good and can they really compete with private, 'in person' lessons? Here is my experience.

Private Lessons (Benefits)

  • The teacher often has there own music studio, which is fully set up for lessons.

  • If the teacher plays piano, they can accompany their students if necessary.

  • Sound and vision are clearer.

  • If the teacher wants to record the student, a private lesson is best. Not all teachers have professional recording facilities though.

  • If students are of an advanced, professional level, private lessons are great as you can really get into fine detail. They can still benefit from some online lessons though.


  • Travel and parking costs can be an issue when attending lessons.

  • You need to allow plenty of time to travel to your lessons.

  • It is easier to spread germs. This is a major issue for performing teachers and students who need to avoid bugs at all costs!

  • If you teach very young students, you also need the space to accommodate parents and guardians.

Online Lessons (Benefits)

  • I find online lessons to be a very focused experience. The screen really captures everyones attention.

  • Travel times and costs are no longer an issue.

  • Lessons can be conducted anywhere in the world, which means I can teach international students and local students can continue lessons if they travel for work or holidays.

  • Lesson times can be more flexible.

  • Files and information can immediately be sent during lessons and some students even record their lessons, if the teacher permits.

  • No germ spreading!!!!


  • When teaching online, there is a slight latency, lag in sound. This means that teachers can't accompany their students on piano while they sing. This is not an issue if you work with backing tracks though and technology is improving all the time.

  • It is possible for the internet to misbehave and disrupt lessons. If this happens, I would always make up the time with a student. Touch wood, I haven't had an issue with this yet.

  • Not everyone has the set up for online lessons, or feels comfortable singing at home, especially if they know family or room mates are listening.

  • Sound and vision can vary, depending on a students equipment set up. Most of the time it is great though.

Here are just a few comparisons, based on my personal teaching experience. Both methods have pros and cons. Personally, in these uncertain times I am keeping lessons online for the time being and embracing the wonderful technology that we have at our finger tips. Who knows where the future will take us though? See you in cyber space!!!!

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