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What to expect at your first singing lesson as a beginner

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

It can take quite a lot of confidence to take that first step and book your first singing lesson. I'm here to give you an insight into what to expect at your first lesson.

1. Your first singing lesson really is a consultation. It is a chance for you to see if you like the experience of a singing lesson and your teacher and also for your teacher to access your vocal ability and decide the best way to teach you. If your lessons are online, it is also a great opportunity to check your technical set up for lessons. Most online teachers will arrange a 'meet and greet' online lesson to check this before proper lessons commence.

2. Your teacher will start the lesson by having a good old chat and try to get to know you a little better. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask them any questions you may have about their experience and their method.

3. Your teacher will probably then ask you to sing back some basic notes or exercises to access your voice.

4. You might then start to tackle some vocal technique and learn about the basics of singing, including breath control, pitch, theory and various other areas.

5. You might then look at a song together so that they can access your ability further.

6. To finish, your teacher will probably give you some homework, such as learning a song and working on some exercises.

A good teacher should make you feel at ease during your lesson and their job is to get the best out of you and your voice and to inspire. If you don't feel you get on with your teacher or question their ability, you can always walk away and find another teacher. Chemistry is an important thing when learning to sing and you want to feel that your learning experience is private and customised to suit your musical journey.

Other points to mention:

- Always take a notebook, pencil and any sheet music/lyrics/backing tracks to your first lesson.

- If you are travelling to visit your new teacher for the first time, make sure someone knows where you are going.

- When choosing a teacher, try to find out as much information as your can. You want to make sure they are trained, have experience and really know what they are doing. Often price reflects this. You may also want to check out any testimonials.

- Weekly lessons are by far the best way to learn but most teachers are flexible.

- As you progress with lessons, remember that there is no time limit on vocal development. Everyone is different and develops at a different pace and even professional singers never stop discovering new vocal skills and ideas.

- Always be respectful of your teachers time. Most teachers have a tight schedule to maintain and it is also their living, so don't forget to pay them on time.

Most importantly, don't worry about your first lesson. If should be a lot of fun and the start of an exciting musical journey!

Happy singing all!

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