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Would you benefit from singing lessons?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The internet is filled with talented singers sharing their latest recordings, asking others what they think, questioning their ability, seeking information about technique, or simply searching for fans. The frightening thing is that a huge majority of these people have the potential to take their music to a professional level but just won't take the right steps, or find the correct information. Instead, they seek free advice from the internet and the majority of the time that information can be incorrect or is open for misinterpretation.

Here is a short questionnaire to discover if you would benefit from singing lessons....

1. Do you feel any vocal discomfort when you sing? Y/N

2. Does your voice sound different every day? Y/N

3. Would you like to increase your vocal range? Y/N

4. Do you suffer with performance nerves or anxiety? Y/N

5. Do you have issues with pitching and tuning? Y/N

6. Do you have full control over your lower and higher range? Y/N

7. Do you understand about breath control and how to use the diaphragm? Y/N

8. Do you have skills in sight-reading, harmonisation and improvisation? Y/N

9. Do you have an effective warmup routine in place? Y/N

10. Does your voice get tired easily? Y/N

11. Can you colour your voice in different ways? Y/N

12. Do you have vocal stamina? Y/N

13. Does singing feel easy? Y/N

14. Do you have skills in microphone technique? Y/N

15. Do you understand how to bring a song to life, in a live and studio setting? Y/N

16. Do you know how to find the best keys for you to sing in? Y/N

17. Have you had professional singing lessons before? Y/N

These are just a few things that can be covered in professional, one-to-one singing lessons.

Most professional singers continue to have lessons throughout their careers, so if you are serious about singing, or would simply like to improve, why not book a lesson with a professional teacher and discover vocal freedom!

If you would like to develop your performance, songwriting, singing and musicanship skills, please visit:

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